my favourite jam is black currant i wish i had a goat i'll be sainted for my patience

~ Tuesday, June 12 ~

so tonight this dude on the subway asked me for directions and then segued into ‘hey wanna come to my hotel room?’ while constantly touching my arm, back, and shoulder.

my strategy with dudes hitting on me is this: just repeat their pickup lines back to them. so i said, ‘you want me to go to a hotel room with a dude i just met on the subway?’ and he was like, ‘uh…’ and i was like, ‘nooooooooooo.’

a friend of mine says i should turn around and walk away when people start talking to me but i have a lot of fun/normal conversations with random strangers. it’s maybe like 20% that are creepy dudes. i just hate being cornered in line or on public transportation, where i can’t get away without making a scene. i don’t really understand why you would try to talk a random stranger into boning you while on the subway though. go to a bar or a club or something. i wanted to stand there in peace and think about how cool ancient rome was, not make awkward small-talk until you gather the nerve to creepily hit on me. ALSO DON’T FUCKING TOUCH PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW THANKS.

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